Evenings at Mimi's

Gerald Delet, Gerald D or just Jerry, has played at such clubs and venues as Birdland, The Red Blazer and Lola's, and for the last 20 plus years he's made Mini's Home-Sweet-Home!


Managing the Pros

Jerry was a Business and/or Career Manager for many famous artists:  Al Pacino, Kool and the Gang, John Waite, Spencer Christian, Regina Bell, The Manhattans, and Phobes Show, just to name a few...


Pencil Accounting

Accountant and Tax Consultant forever and its planning and preparation are second nature and clearly everyone knows as long as pencils are filled with lead, this passion of his profession will never end.


Since 1993

Jazz, Blues, Show Tunes...

The list goes on!

Gerald Delet's slogan says it all. "Music That Has Not Lost It's Romance!"

Better known by his close friends as Jerry, he provides music that also includes Pop, Rock & Roll, Show Tunes, Standards, music from the 40's and before, Blues, R&B, and if given a moment or 2 or 3, he might just Rap for you.

He's known by the many major artist as their business and/or career manager yet being around music all the time, he pursued his passion by learning the piano at the young age of 60.

Step into Mimi's Restaurant and you have no choice but to feel the energy and join in singing classic songs with all the patrons that love Jerry's spirit and love for music. You can select from among over 1,100 songs Jerry plays ever so graciously.

Name that Tune is always a favorite moment in time.

Being closely involved with Bill Dern managing New Edition & Martin Bregman in the business and financial aspect of such films as Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, and Scarface, Jerry soon turned to the other side of the entertainment world by performing professionally at the piano.


Next Steps...

Join us at Mimi's. Eat, Sing, Dance, but more importantly enjoy the songs that has not lost it's romance.